Our church takes the word "community" in our name seriously.  We are a community of love, accepting and welcoming all to our church , and centered in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  While we come from diverse backgrounds, we gather as a united family to joyfully worship God's amazing grace in praise and thanksgiving.


We are a Community--

o  Where the needs of one are the concern of all.  As a small congregation, we strive to make each member, adult and child, feel important.


o  Where the contribution of time, talent, and treasure of each is received with gratitude.


We also attempt to reach out to the needs of the community in which we are located and beyond.


We are the "friendly church just around the corner," welcoming one, welcoming all regardless of their race, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

In Service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

WE............FEED the hungry.

WE ...........COMFORT the elderly, the sick, and the infirm.

WE............PROMOTE Peace in the community and beyond.